Ref digs... life.

Ref digs... great experiences.

I'm Refiloe Digoamaye, also known as Ref. I am a Designer, Consultant, and DJ based in South Africa who digs UI/UX Design, Service Design, and Research.

there is more than meets the eye

Ref digs... the unknown.

"He who can see the invisible can do the impossible." - Frank Gaines

Design is a way for me to express my empathy and values-driven approach to serve others. As a multi-disciplinary designer, my goal is to bridge the gap between users and great experiences. A one-of-a-kind experience like this can be challenging, a challenge I embrace in that it allows me to put my skillset and knowledge to use to help users see the invisible where others see the impossible.

trust the process

Ref digs... processes.

I use the 5-step Design Thinking process to get to a solution.


My design approach starts by anticipating needs and looking for existing solutions before I design the solution.


Using data collection and user research, I gather enough information to make an informed decision.


Together with stakeholders, I create new ideas and potential design solutions.


Gather feedback from stakeholders by creating a presentable solution or concept.


I evaluate proposed prototypes with real users in order to iterate and improve the product.

Ref digs... work?

"i feel bad for the people who never go crazy"

Ref digs... beats.

During my downtime, I like to curate music under the DJ alias, ta_ref, choosing eccentric and uncommon music to provide for others' enjoyment. My primary goal behind my music mixes is to ease any sort of tension and stress by allowing you to feel relaxed.

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Ref digs... feedback.

"Ref's professionalism, kindness and excellent communication skills stand out to me most! I hope to work with him again in future, as his attitude towards the copy-design relationship is inspiring. Thank you, Ref!"

Nicole van der Watt
UX Writer / Conversation Designer

“I’ve worked together with Refiloe at Nedbank. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Refiloe because he was teachable, humble and very mature with a great attitude. He’ll definetly get far in life and be of great value wherever he finds himself. He also models leadership qualities together with energy to work hard and to add value.”

Zanli de Jager
Senior User Interface Designer

“I had the privilege of working with Refiloe when he first joined IQbusiness and was relatively new to UX design. His enthusiasm and ability to take on new challenges within the business is what separates Refiloe from his peers when the going gets tough. He's a team player that motivates the people around him to do better!"

Justin Naidoo
Senior User Experience Designer

“Refiloe is a pleasure to work with. He is constantly seeking opportunities for growth while delivering quality. He is an asset to any team he works with.”

Rachel Jacobs
Product Owner

“Refiloe is a great UX designer. He’s always willing to learn from the research team and he always puts the users’ needs on the frontline. He’d be an awesome addition to any team!”

Nonjabulo Lekhethoa
UX Tester and Researcher